image.jpgSince 2007, Perndorfer (Thailand) Co., Ltd has become the sole agent and distributor of the exclusive Austria based Perndorfer Machinenbau; planner, developer and manufacturer - of  Water Jet Cutting Machines and Special Purpose Machines for leading companies in the world.
Founded in 1985 by Franz Perndorfer, Perndorfer Machinenbau is today considered as one of the most renowned, as well as innovative, manufactures of water jet cutting machines in the worldwide industry. Over 50 highly skilled and well-motivated employees, from apprentice up to management, form that team which constantly allows Perndorfer Machinebau to develop world class products that remain competitive.
About Water Jet Cutting:
leftbanner.jpgWater Jet process provides several unique capabilities and those advantages which help engineering and manufacturing departments in the battle to reduce production costs. Nowadays, Water Jet cutting is recognized as the fastest growing process in the world thanks to its excellent versatility. Water Jet cutting complements many other technologies such as milling, laser, EDM, plasma and routers. Water Jet cutting is safe and also environment friendly, as no noxious gases or liquids stresses are left on the water jet cut surface.

Water Jet Cutting offers optimal solutions primarily because of the cold cut process and secondly because there are two different cutting methods. With the (1) Clear/Pure Water Jet Cutting Technology which allows to cut softer materials or (2) with the Abrasive-Cutting Technology, where the water jet is mixed with a granulated abrasive and harder materials like metals, glass and plastics can be cut.

The cold cut process produces a burn-free intersection with a straight, vertical secant, and a small kerfs which allows for a low loss of materials. Water Jet Cutting Services are used across diverse major industries like: aerospace industry, engineering, glass industry, wood and textile working, electronics, and food industry.

Water Jet is consequently more conventional than thermal cutting as they could cause burning and micro-cracks or other undesirable results.